Hey DCer!

Blueprint your business

a workshop in forecasting
business success

Elevate your business with cutting-edge financial modeling, laser-focused strategies, and a proven execution system designed to propel your growth.

You will learn and put into practice the ASCENSION Framework:

Awarness: Understand What You’re Doing & Why

Strategic Positioning: Value Proposition & Competition Analysis

Capital Clarity: Financial Modeling, Revenue & Expense Insights, & Accountability

Establish Goals: Set Your Long, Medium, & Short-term Goals

Network Building & Recruitment: Attract The Right People

Sustain & Incentivize Talent: Keep & Grow A Professional Team

Integrated Execution: Laser Focus Your Business

Objective Investor Mindset: Cultivate a Proactive Investor’s Perspective

Nurture Growth: Regularly Review & Optimize Each Step

This masterclass will set you and your business on the fast-track to predictable growth and profits.

Jason Long portrait

Jason Long

Saturday, April 29
Brunch at 11am
Workshop from 12 to 3pm
Fiesta Inn Playa del Carmen
Av. 10 Esq. con Calle 26. Col, 77710

Cost: Just food, probably about $20