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Grow your business with financial modeling, clear & impactful strategy, and a method of execution that works.

Using the same systems as elite private equity-funded companies and guided by over two decades of executive business coaching methodologies, you’ll gain clarity on how to grow your business, rally your entire team, and watch your profits stack up.

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Growing businesses run into many problems.

Lack of financial clarity and predictability.

Loss of focus on it's core capability.

Not knowing which managers and departments are underperforming, and how to get them back on track.

Lacking a method of ensuring everyone is doing the right things at the right time to accomplish goals.

Poor system for setting and achieving goals each year and quarter.

Not knowing who is and isn't the right fit for your team causing cultural disarray.

Facing fast-changing market conditions and knowing how to respond.

Ensuring cash flow is steady and profits are accumulating even in recessionary conditions.


At Ascendance you’ll find all the tools and support you need to create powerful growth and impactful change with the same methods used by top-tier private equity teams.


Team Management

Knowing who is and is not right for a team can be difficult, especially in longer-standing teams. Ascendance assists your investments in understanding which team members are excelling, which are falling behind, and who needs to go.


Strategic Planning

Figuring out what to do is much harder than knowing how to do it. Ascendance brings decades of experience in strategic planning and execution to the table along with a tried and tested system to assist your teams in developing clear and robust growth strategies.



At a certain point, predictability becomes one of the most important aspects. Ascendance will help ensure your investments’ budgets are clear, correct, and predictable.


Executive Alignment

Team and executive bonus structures, commission systems, and even salaries need to be set optimally to reach investment goals. The Ascendance system educates executives on standard practices and systems as well as ‘out of the box’ concepts for these structures.


Team Management

The best plans, teams, and modeling are useless without the ability to execute. We educate your team and hold them accountable to a cadence of responsibility and accountability which, in turn, leads to better performance and metrics that investors can easily review to understand the direction of their investment.

Coaching System Overview

Executives don’t have unlimited time to learn and implement. They must move quickly and decisively. Education and execution are paired with our 8-week, cohort-based coaching system, one-day intensive, and weekly classes.


Leadership Deep Dive

Prior to the first one-day intensive, teams have already delivered their financials, org charts, filled in questionnaires about and provided information on emergency issues within the businesses. We review these documents and prepare course materials around the cohorts needs.

The Leadership Deep-Dive covers:

Systems overview, business analysis, org chart analysis, and financial systems starter.

Business functions deep dive: Vision & Strategy, Team, Money, Analytics, SOPs, Execution Management

Business Health Check including DISC tests, Business Needs Spiderchart

leadership graphics screenshots
finances graphics screenshots

Capital Clarity

How can you set goals without understanding the impacts of strategies and current circumstances from a financial perspective? We work with your team to ensure finances are organized well and align with current strategies.

Forecasting & Finance covers:

Forecasting includes how to organize a revenue build and expense build.

Ensuring acquisition, retention, expansion, and cost assumptions are correct.

Executive Alignment: Checking executive bonus structures using different growth cases to maximize alignment.

Scorecards setup, analytics review, and ensuring your team is on the right track every week.

Strategy Formation

Every organization is different in size, complexity, structure and much more. But all organizations are
similar in their need for a system of organization and focus. In this portion of the course, we will help you understand how to create a robust, meaningful, and impactful strategy that laser focuses your business.


org fit index




driving force











Execution Methodology

Without goals that cascade throughout your organization, different departments and teams can get off track and never be held accountable. During this portion of the course, we will implement systems to ensure teams are on track and accountable, and that the rest of the team is coming together to help when goals get off track.

Executive Methodology covers:

Top-level annual and quarterly goals
management system build

Meeting cadence, accountability tracking, and team coordination for problem solving off-track items

Department-level and manager level teams management systems that flow up to the top level.


The ASCENSION Framework

Your job as a leader is to set the right goals that move the company forward and communicate them well.

Your success is based on the percentage of your team’s goals that are accomplished.


Awareness: Understand What You're Doing & Why

Strategic Positioning: Value Proposition & Competition Analysis

Capital Clarity: Financial Modeling, Revenue & Expense Insights, & Accountability

Establish Goals: Set Your Long, Medium, & Short-term Goals

Network Building & Recruitment: Attract The Right People

Sustain & Incentivize Talent: Keep & Grow A Professional Team

Integrated Execution: Laser Focus Your Business

Objective Investor Mindset: Cultivate a Proactive Investor's Perspective

Nurture Growth: Regularly Review and Optimize Each Step


Jason Long

Jason Long

Jason is a serial problem solver, entrepreneur, CEO, coach, and father. Jason has been growing businesses for over 25 years in technology and has run companies across multiple industries from agriculture to healthcare and has worked as a turnaround CEO for private equity held organizations.

Jeff Blackburn

Jeff is a career entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in successfully founding, growing, and turning around companies across multiple industries, including FinTech, Business Continuity, Information Security, Retail, and Manufacturing.  As a COO and other executive positions leading operations, technology, and finance teams he’s been part of two IPOs and four acquisitions leading to over $1.5 billion in returns to shareholders.

Jeff Blackburn Headshot

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I get started and realize that this
is not a good fit for me or my company?

If after month three you are not happy with the coaching, you may drop out of our 1-year engagement. Should this is the case, we would like to have a meeting to discuss issues.

What kinds of businesses do you work best with?

We have worked with many kinds of businesses over the years; from enterprise manufacturing to agriculture to healthcare and expert services. The systems we teach apply to all kinds of businesses. However, we recognize that some businesses are outside of our areas of expertise. So, prior to any cohort, we review all businesses and ensure we are a good fit for the business. If we are not, we will contact you to discuss.

What kinds of clients do you normally take?

We focus on clients in the 1-20 million dollar per year revenue range that are beginning to scale. These businesses often gain the most value from our services and we can assist the most.

Are you consultants or coaches?

At Ascendance, we act as coaches and trainers. All of our coaches have worked in small to enterprise businesses as leaders, consultants, C-levels, and mentors. Everyone on the team has a wide breadth of skill and experience.