At Ascendance, We Know Your Struggles Because We’ve Been There

Our executives have been growing businesses from early DotCom-era startups to private equity backed investments for over 25 years apiece and have created robust methodologies to grow and maintain businesses.

Our Story


Business Growth, Turnarounds, & Giving Back

Both Jason and Tim have been building their own businesses and helping others for their entire careers. After a parallel speaking engagement at a conference in 2022, Tim and Jason decided to work together to help more businesses grow past their ceilings.

Together, they have been assembling Tim’s 15 year tenure in coaching with Jason’s experience in enterprise businesses and management systems to create a course focused on businesses of all sizes that will help you implement strategies and systems to grow and maintain.

The Ascendance Difference

Most coaching is heavy on mindset, but light on the nuts-and-bolts of business. Elite level private equity practices and the depth of experience of our coaches are combined into an effective coaching framework.

All of our clients go through our foundational 8-week business accelerator where they learn to master the business of business before moving on to our 12-month growth program. We don’t simply place like-sized businesses together, but do our best to connect entrepreneurs and executives who are on a similar level of ambition.

If you’re a founder or CEO of a business who is dedicated to growing a sellable or lifelong asset, wants to maximize your revenue along with your lifestyle, and is open to guidance, then apply to be an Ascendance member.


Most Recent Successes

Jason recently completed turning around a failing 8-figure business


Transitioned from a company that was losing 20% or more of it's business each year to being on track to grow 10% in 2023


From the worst reputation in the industry to tied for best in one year


Rebuilt a 30 year old product to become one of the best on the market in 2.5 years


Implemented a new enterprise sales and marketing that currently has over 41 million in the pipeline


Collected on over 3 million in aged accounts receivable


10x sales in the first year and on track for 20x sales in 2023 from year 1

After this experience, the team realized that it was time to present this tech-enabled service to companies across the world.

Our Coaches & Trainers

jason long speaking at a conference

Jason Long

Jason Long is an innovative problem solver and experienced executive with a proven track record of successfully leading technology businesses from start to scale. His ability to quickly and effectively shift from big picture thinking to focusing on the details enables him to plan and execute robust strategies.

Jason has built, launched, and led multiple multi-million dollar organizations. He has founded businesses in a variety of industries such as agriculture, healthcare, mapping, and real estate. With over 15 years of experience in building healthcare businesses from the ground up, including radiology information systems and healthcare marketing platforms, Jason has extensive experience building technologies that are focused on serving their customers in the best possible ways.

Jeff Blackburn in an office

Jeff Blackburn

Jeff Blackburn boasts a rich entrepreneurial history spanning three decades, characterized by his knack for establishing, scaling, and transforming companies in sectors like FinTech, Business Continuity, Information Security, Retail, and Manufacturing. Having held pivotal roles such as Chief Operating Officer, he has masterfully guided operations, technology, and finance teams through numerous organizations. His leadership played a key role in orchestrating two notable Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and navigating four successful acquisitions, resulting in impressive returns exceeding $1.5 billion for shareholders.

Known for his adeptness in strategic decision-making and operational finesse, Jeff’s hands-on approach and insightful guidance have been pivotal in fostering profound growth and driving operational excellence within the companies he has served. His wealth of experience and proven track record make him a seasoned authority in the realms of business expansion, turnaround strategies, and financial acumen.

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